Friday, November 26, 2010

the rain tastes sweet.
Its raining so loud, that i cant hear my own thoughts.its a long road.i am just walking along..there are street lights on both the sides of the road.but their lights not bright enough.hazed by the rain maybe.the road was dotted with comfortable enough houses with big enough gardens and the rest of things big enough too.people who had enjoyed the rain before had now gone inside their homes, drying themselves with dry towels by the fire.mothers had made supper even though the chimney had leaked.although i had no baggage, my shoulders felt heavy.the legs seemed a little weary too but they had walked long roads before.everything was getting cold slowly, the limbs sending the warmth to the heart.the clothes were soaked and the sneakers which i had worn at the beginning of the journey were now, filled with water, making it difficult to pick up one foot after i walked on, thought about the beginning of the journey when there were friends and acquaintances and then when their was sunshine .they smiled and said “it’s a long road”,their nude optimism showing and somehow they seemed know where i was headed, i had thought it would help thinking about these things but ironically enough,guess i was wrong.the reality looked way harsher now.i had taken some turns along the way,and putting my ego away asked for directions, earlier in the day.but now there was no one on the road, the night had matured.the lights in the houses had shut down and kids had been put into their beds leaving the ashes in the fire place still heating the air around it.i had no watch but the heart beats had replaced the tick tock .i didn’t understand why the path was long, or again why it had rained.but whateva i didn’t understand, i wanted to do.never had i walked thru crushing and cold rain in the wee hours of the had warned me that this rain was not going to easy to walk thru and neither was it gonna be the last.but the determination in my eyes had dismayed her from stopping me.the rain slowed to a drizzle,as if it had also peeked into my eyes, the first light, the rain stopped.the road was drenched.everything seemed clearer.there was still a drop on my eyelids.i wiped my face with my hand.and ordered my mind to stop my legs.the roads end was not far.but there was some one was a girl.she was wearing a white dress.her skin looked pale in comparison .i think it looked brighter coz my eyes were still adjusting to the light.i had almost reached her shoes making noise as the water seeped out with each step.i didn’t dare let our eyes meet and certainly not talk.we waited or maybe i waited.the clock never seemed slower and having no choice, i looked where i knew, passion was cheap.wanted to say a lot,ask a lot,answer a lot, i swear i did.i couldn’t.her lips were,and i kept thinking in my head, trying to choose one word from the millions i had read a billion times before, none came.she smiled and my heart skipped a beat as if it were on a cue.we were 5inches away from our toes.i had calculated before stopping.she moved 2.5 towards my heart.she wanted me to cover my that moment ,my spine lost control of my legs which had obeyed it all night long.but i did manage to drag myself those 2.5 inches.our noses touched before our lips did.never wanting to take another breath, i kissed eyelids opened and the rain poured even harder.but the water which leaked into the sides of mouth tasted sweeter.and the dream started all over again.


  1. You wrote this in my Stats book too and made me read it on the first day of college!

    You've become a lot weirder since then. :P

    Kidding. I like. :)

  2. arre-meri jaan. tu toh best hai!! ;)

  3. @anon-yeah, i realised that! but this is just what i think on paper. and frankly i don't think i am that good, that i should get an editor!