Friday, November 26, 2010

go back to sleep

go back to sleep.
My thoughts had settled for the night. As i slipped on a t-shirt, i thought of what i shall have for dinner. Don’t underestimate the choice and certainly not the power of choice. As i locked the maroon metal door of my room, i came to the conclusion that it shall be the cheese sandwich today, coz truthfully, i hadn’t had it in a while.the stairs were dark except the few rays sliiping in from unforseen corners. Keeping my hands along the walls, i reached the end of the tunnel.
The watchman was there, the chair he used to sit on, was broken tonight. But He was already on the job of fixing it, as everyone was trying to fix everything else. He gave me a passing glance drawing the conclusion that i was not a burglar. Not realising that everyone is ,though not officially. As i walked on, there was a couple desperately trying of fix a relationship. I tried to mind my own business and walked on, looking at the ground as if i had just lost the ring which i was gonna propose the girl of my dreams with. As i reached the main street and made my way through the late night shoppers who were on their way home, i realised the shops were already closing. The phone vibrated in my pocket, making me fall from my observation was a friend, Talked about everything that had gone through the day, and what should go on through the next day, week, fortnight , month, eternity,which we had already discussed the earlier day.the brain working in full swing. I reached the sandwich shop while i was describing the part, where i had planned to study but just couldn’t.bhaiya, the guy on the counter was outside giving a beggar a left over sandwich who had declined it, feeling alienated by the situation. The shopkeeper, recognised me from a distance and called out “bhaiya, ek grilled, veg, with extra cheese, laga doon kya?”. And i shouted back in agreement. As i cut the call, even though we could have gone on till 2012 and waited for my sandwich, the beggar started shouting, “oye idhar aa, aaja thane leke chalta hoon tujhe” and sat back again on the porch of the adjacent shop. I looked around, there weren’t too many people out there and certainly no one who was interested in the convo.
As my stare, realising that something was amiss returned back to the beggar, who i wasn’t even sure was a beggar, i realised his eyes were fixed on something in the distance.i wasn’t really freaked out and went inside to pay my bill. Counter guy gave the beggar a glass of water before handing my balance to me. The inside of the shop smelled of cheese with a tinge of i again waited for my sandwich, my attention returned to the seeing unseen people guy. He had minimal hair, he almost made it to the category of bald people. I really couldn’t make out whether he was black or just covered in mud. For clothes he wore a white shirt which was open till the 3 button and trousers which had stains whose origins would never be found. He had slippers too, the heels side of the slipper thinner than the toe, he dragged his feet while walking. “colonel ke baad major bhi dikha dunga main, abe dikha dunga”.bhaiya had not looked directly in my eyes but had also stared in the distance. The guy fought the gravity for his weight and started the unknown journey,to me and i thought to him too, by dragging his feet. 
My sandwich was done, i asked the guy to pack it for me and collecting the packet, i started my journey back, by picking up my feet.
And on my way back, i thought about what the guy had shouted, and try to find out the deeper meaning like the poems of all famous poets. I thought about, what exactly was going on in his head. i thought about whether he had decided where he had to go. I thought about, whether he had had gotten something packed to eat. I thought about, whether he had a friend who he had a talk with, and if he did, what did he talk about, what he had done during the course of the day or what is he gonna do the next day, the next week, the next fortnight, the next month, the next year, maybe till 2012.IF.i thought about, whether someone had ever recognised him or called out to him.i thought whether he had ever entered a shop at closing time or ever for that matter.i thought about, whether he had been in a relationship and tried fixing it for that matter.i thought about whether he had loved someone or proposed her.i thought about whether he had ever had a job. I thought about, which dark tunnels he had walked through and whether they had lights coming from unforeseen places. I thought about whether he had ever locked the door of his house .as i opened the lock on the door, and switched on the light, the thoughts which had settled for the night and woken up, went back to sleep again.

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